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We just turned 10! Jan 2, 2008 was the day of incorporation, and the birth of this company from my home office using an old dell computer from college! We have come a long ways and funded thousands of loans in this 10 years. We still even have the sign from our first office with Ken Perry on 24th street and we have now been at Watt and Fair Oaks for 7 years. I’m thankful to all of our loyal customers, agents, business affiliates, and employees that have been there to help us along the way! We appreciate each of you!! Looking forward to another 10, and then another 10! We will be hosting a party in April to show our gratitude for all of our clients and business associates, so please watch for further announcements!

      -Gary Prudler


I truly appreciated that Wendy and Ralph fully disclosed every aspect of the process, delivered each ‍‍‍and every thing they stated they would deliver, did all things in a timely manner, and were fair and reasonable in working with me. Thank you.” 

 – B.D. (Orangevale, CA)

Gary always deals straight with the Realtors, never any drama. He is always upfront with any conditions or time restraints. Melanie always puts it together nicely in funding. We almost always look like heroes with Melanie getting it done smoothly at the end.”

 – Anonymous‍‍‍

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The best experience I’ve ever had. I highly recommend to give these guys a try…”

– A.F.


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Founded in 2008, California Capital Mortgage Company has one of the most adept teams in the business with over 100 years of combined experience; providing the best in home loan customer service. Our team is dedicated and we love what we do.

We provide quick & easy mortgage consultation to home buyers and licensed in the following states…


North Dakota


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